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Tianjin Guangyu Development Co., Ltd. Profile

Real Estate - Development Industry
Real Estate Sector
Mr. Peigang Sun CEO
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983 Employees
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China Green Electricity Investment of Tianjin Co., Ltd., established as Tianjin Guangyu Development Co., Ltd. in 1986 and rebranded in September 2022, encompasses a broad spectrum of activities within the renewable energy sector in China. With its headquarters situated in Beijing, the company stands as a pivotal player in the renewable energy industry, focusing predominantly on the investment, development, construction, and operation of renewable energy projects. These projects span across various forms of clean energy, including offshore and onshore wind power, photovoltaic, and solar thermal power generation. Beyond its primary ventures, China Green Electricity Investment of Tianjin Co., Ltd. extends its services to include energy storage solutions, thereby enhancing the efficiency and reliability of renewable energy. As a subsidiary of Luneng Group Co., LTD, the company benefits from the backing and expertise of one of China's significant energy conglomerates, enabling it to undertake substantial projects and initiatives aimed at advancing China's green energy transition.

Products and Services

  • Offshore Wind Power

    Development and operation of wind farms located off the coast, designed to harness wind energy from the ocean. These projects are crucial for generating significant amounts of renewable electricity, contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions and the diversification of energy sources.

  • Onshore Wind Power

    Investment, development, and management of wind power projects on land. These initiatives leverage the kinetic energy of wind to produce electricity, supporting local communities and industries with sustainable and clean power.

  • Photovoltaic Power Generation

    Implementation of solar farms that utilize photovoltaic cells to convert sunlight directly into electricity. This section of the company's portfolio focuses on harnessing solar energy, one of the most abundant renewable resources, to provide eco-friendly power solutions.

  • Solar Thermal Power Generation

    Development of facilities that generate electricity by converting sunlight into heat. These systems, which often involve concentrating solar power (CSP) technologies, are instrumental in producing sustainable energy, especially in areas with high solar irradiance.

  • Energy Storage Services

    Provision of solutions for storing energy produced from renewable sources. Energy storage systems are vital for addressing the intermittency of renewable energy, ensuring a stable and reliable supply of electricity to meet the demand at any given time.

Contact Information

Address: No. 5, Chaowai Street, Beijing, China, 100020
Phone: 86 10 8572 7717