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Addsino Co., Ltd. Profile

Communication Equipment Industry
Technology Sector
Mr. Dongyu Liang CEO
XSHE Exchange
CN Country
3,242 Employees
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3 Aug 2012 Last Split
13 Oct 1993 IPO Date


Addsino Co., Ltd., established in 1955 and headquartered in Beijing, is a prominent entity in the technology sector, focusing mainly on the provision of advanced electronic information technologies for both military and civilian industries within China. The company's genesis as ChinaScholars Group Co., Ltd. led to a pivotal rebranding in August 2015 to its current name, reflecting its broader commitment to innovation in electronic technology. Addsino Co., Ltd. prides itself on its extensive range of high-technology products and systems designed to enhance operational efficiencies and combat effectiveness across various sectors including national defense, civil aviation, education, healthcare, finance, telecommunications, and more. By catering to a diverse clientele that spans national ministries, universities, scientific institutes, government departments, and military organizations, among others, Addsino has solidified its position as a leader in China's electronic information technology industry.

Products and Services

Addsino Co., Ltd. specializes in a wide array of products and services, each meticulously designed to meet the intricate demands of the modern technological landscape. Below is an overview of their offerings:

  • Embedded Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation Systems: These systems are tailored for real-time simulation testing of electronic and mechanical systems, improving the design and testing phases for military and civilian applications.
  • Radio Frequency Simulation Systems: Catering to the necessity for testing and validating the performance of RF systems, these simulators aid in ensuring the reliability and effectiveness of communication devices.
  • Combat Effectiveness Evaluation Systems: These systems provide critical analyses and simulations to assess the combat effectiveness of various military units and hardware, offering insights for strategic planning.
  • Electromagnetic Environment Reconnaissance Simulation Equipment: This technology simulates electromagnetic environments for the purpose of reconnaissance training and equipment testing, vital for electromagnetic warfare preparedness.
  • Radar and Communication Signal Simulation Equipment: They offer crucial facilities for the testing and evaluation of radar and communication systems under varied signal scenarios.
  • Radar/Communication Interference Simulation Equipment: Designed to simulate interference scenarios, this equipment is essential for preparing communication networks for potential jamming and interference challenges.
  • Cyberspace Security Products: Addsino provides advanced solutions for securing digital assets and communications, protecting against cyber threats and enhancing information security.
  • Digital-Analog Hybrid SOC, Phased Array Microsystems, and Microwave Components: These components are at the forefront of micro-electronic technology, catering to high performance and miniaturization demands in various tech sectors.

In addition to these tech-centric offerings, Addsino Co., Ltd. also supplies a variety of equipment like switches, microwave relays, transmission equipment, and handheld terminal equipment, underlining its expansive role in supporting and advancing electronic communication and security technologies.

Contact Information

Address: Building 5, Beijing, China, 100070
Phone: 86 10 5783 1531