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Hainan Haiyao Co., Ltd. Profile

Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic Industry
Healthcare Sector
Ms. Junhong Wang CEO
XSHE Exchange
CNE0000004W8 ISIN
CN Country
2,108 Employees
- Last Dividend
31 May 2016 Last Split
10 Jan 1994 IPO Date


Hainan Haiyao Co., Ltd., established in 1965 and headquartered in Haikou, China, is a prominent player in the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors, both domestically and internationally. The company specializes in the manufacture and sale of a diverse range of pharmaceutical products and medical devices. Over the years, Hainan Haiyao has developed a comprehensive portfolio that includes intermediates, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), innovative chemical drugs, modern Chinese medicines, biological drugs, cellular immunity products, and high-end medical devices. Their approach combines traditional Chinese medicine with modern pharmaceutical techniques, ensuring a broad spectrum of healthcare solutions. Additionally, the company is involved in providing internet medical treatment and medical services, showcasing its adaptability to the evolving digital healthcare landscape.

Products and Services

  • Pharmaceutical Products
  • Hainan Haiyao offers a wide range of pharmaceutical products that cater to various health conditions. These products include but are not limited to antibiotic series, gastrointestinal medication series, and anti-tumor medicine series. The company ensures the production of high-quality medications in various forms such as pills, tablet granules, tincture fluid extracts, powders, and syrups, to meet different patient needs.

  • Medical Devices
  • The company develops and sells high-end medical devices with a focus on improving patient care. One of the notable product series includes cochlear implants, which represent the integration of advanced technology in the medical devices sector, designed to provide solutions for individuals with hearing impairments.

  • Vitamin C for Injection
  • Specialized in manufacturing vitamin C for injection, this product is indicated for conditions such as scurvy and idiopathic methemoglobinemia, showcasing the company's capability in addressing specific nutritional and medical needs through pharmaceutical manufacturing.

  • Biological Drugs and Cellular Immunity Products
  • Hainan Haiyao is at the forefront of developing biological drugs and cellular immunity products. These innovative offerings represent the company's commitment to advancing healthcare through biotechnology, addressing complex diseases with cutting-edge treatments.

  • Modern Chinese Medicines
  • The company also emphasizes the development and manufacturing of modern Chinese medicines. These products are crafted by blending traditional Chinese medicine practices with contemporary pharmaceutical processes, aiming to offer effective and holistic treatment options.

  • Internet Medical Treatment and Medical Services
  • Hainan Haiyao is not just limited to pharmaceuticals and medical devices; it also provides internet medical treatment and medical services. This initiative signifies the company’s effort to leverage technology in making healthcare services more accessible to patients, demonstrating a forward-thinking approach in the medical field.

Contact Information

Address: No. 192, Nanhai Avenue, Haikou, China, 570311
Phone: 86 89 8363 30888