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Information Technology Services Industry
Technology Sector
Mr. Paul N. Saleh CEO
XPAR Exchange
FR0000051732 ISIN
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95,140 Employees
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24 Mar 1999 Last Split
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Atos SE is a globally renowned company headquartered in Bezons, France, specializing in digital transformation solutions and services. Since its establishment in 1982, Atos has been at the forefront of delivering innovative technology solutions that drive the digital modernization of various industries. The company holds a rich portfolio tuned to the needs of the digital era, spanning from advanced computing solutions to cybersecurity and decarbonization solutions. Catering to a diverse set of industries including financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, public sector, and more, Atos SE leverages its deep industry expertise to aid businesses in navigating the complexities of the digital landscape, fostering growth, and achieving operational excellence.

Products and Services

Atos SE's comprehensive range of products and services includes:

  • Advanced Computing Solutions: Cutting-edge computing technologies designed to handle complex calculations and tasks, bolstering the computational capacities of businesses.
  • Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Automation Solutions: Tools and platforms that leverage data analytics, AI, and automation to optimize business processes, enhance decision-making, and increase efficiency.
  • Cloud Solutions: A suite of cloud services that enable organizations to leverage the scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness of cloud computing environments.
  • Customer Journey Analytics and Digital Customer Experience: Solutions aimed at understanding and enhancing the customer journey through analytics and tailored digital interactions.
  • Decarbonization Solutions: Innovative approaches and technologies focused on reducing carbon footprint and promoting sustainable business practices.
  • Digital Consulting: Expert consultancy services to help businesses navigate their digital transformation journey with strategic insights and planning.
  • Digital Workplace Solutions: Technologies and services that foster a more connected, efficient, and flexible digital workplace environment.
  • Edge Computing and Internet of Things Solutions: Solutions that exploit the potential of edge computing and IoT to process data closer to its source, improving speed and efficiency.
  • Modern Applications and Platforms: Development and integration of contemporary applications and platforms to support digital business operations and services.
  • Cybersecurity Solutions: Comprehensive cyber defense and security services, including advanced detection and response, data protection, IoT security, and more, to protect businesses from digital threats.
  • Infrastructure and Foundation Services: Essential IT infrastructure services that underpin the digital operations of an organization, ensuring reliability and performance.

Atos SE serves key industries such as financial services and insurance, healthcare and life sciences, manufacturing, public sector and defense, resources and services, and telecommunications and media, demonstrating its capability to deliver tailored and impactful digital transformation solutions across various sectors.

Contact Information

Address: River Ouest, Bezons, France, 95877
Phone: 33 1 73 26 00 00