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Utilities - Regulated Electric Industry
Utilities Sector
Mr. Joseph R. Nolan Jr. CEO
NYSE Exchange
US30040W1080 ISIN
US Country
10,000 Employees
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29 Aug 1984 IPO Date


Eversource Energy stands out as a significant entity in the realm of utility services, progressively serving as a public utility holding company deeply engaged in the energy delivery hemisphere. Its journey commenced under the banner of Northeast Utilities until a pivotal rebranding to Eversource Energy in April 2015, marking a new era of its operation. The firm's roots trace back to its incorporation in 1927, embedding it as a legacy provider headquartered in Springfield, Massachusetts. With a service range encapsulating the states of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire, Eversource Energy dedicates itself to catering to a diverse clientele including residential, commercial, industrial, municipal, and even specialized sectors such as fire protection. The company shines in its comprehensive utility provision, smoothly navigating through sectors like Electric Distribution, Electric Transmission, Natural Gas Distribution, and Water Distribution, thus ensuring a holistic service spectrum for its vast user base.

Products and Services

Electric Distribution: Operating at the core of Eversource Energy’s service suite, the Electric Distribution segment ensures the seamless delivery of electricity to homes and businesses. This staple offering underscores the company’s commitment to energizing daily lives and empowering economic activities across its service territories.

Electric Transmission: Eversource Energy excels in the Electric Transmission arena, focusing on the efficient and secure transfer of high-voltage electricity from generating stations to the distribution networks. This critical infrastructure backbone supports the reliability and accessibility of electric service to the broader community.

Natural Gas Distribution: Broadening its energy portfolio, the company takes charge of distributing natural gas, a crucial energy source for heating, cooking, and industrial processes. This segment illustrates Eversource Energy’s versatility in meeting the evolving energy needs of its customers with a clean and efficient fuel option.

Water Distribution: Beyond its energy-centric offerings, Eversource Energy operates regulated water utilities, encapsulating the provision of water services to approximately 241,000 customers. This extension into water distribution highlights the company’s integrated approach to utility service, ensuring the sustenance of life and the support of sanitary needs for a significant populace within its coverage area.

Contact Information

Address: 300 Cadwell Drive, Springfield, MA, United States, 01104
Phone: 800 286 5000