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Packaged Foods Industry
Consumer Defensive Sector
Mr. Carlos A. Abrams-Rivera CEO
NASDAQ (NGS) Exchange
US5007541064 ISIN
US Country
36,000 Employees
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6 Jul 2015 IPO Date


The Kraft Heinz Company, a preeminent figure in the global food and beverage industry, operates across North America and beyond, offering a diverse array of products. With a rich heritage that dates back to 1869, the company has solidified its presence by delivering high-quality food items that cater to varied tastes and preferences. It transformed from H.J. Heinz Holding Corporation to The Kraft Heinz Company in July 2015, underscoring a significant merger that united two of the most iconic brands in the food industry. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Kraft Heinz emphasizes innovation and accessibility through its widespread distribution network, comprising its own sales organizations and a variety of independent brokers, agents, and distributors. The company strategically reaches its consumers through various channels, including grocery chains, convenience stores, online platforms, and even institutions like hospitals and schools, ensuring its cherished products are always within arm's reach.

Products and Services

Boasting an impressive portfolio, The Kraft Heinz Company offers an expansive range of food and beverage products, faithfully catering to different dietary habits and preferences. Noteworthy items include:

  • Condiments and Sauces: A core product category that features beloved brands such as Heinz ketchup and mustards, delivering the quintessential flavors that elevate everyday meals.
  • Cheese and Dairy Products: Including high-quality cheeses from Kraft and Philadelphia, these products offer versatility whether for cooking or direct consumption, ensuring satisfaction for cheese lovers everywhere.
  • Meals: Ready-to-eat meals and Lunchables provide convenient meal solutions that save time without compromising on taste, ideal for busy lifestyles.
  • Meats: Brand like Oscar Mayer represent this category, offering a wide range of meats from traditional cold cuts to ready-to-eat options, catering to the protein needs of families.
  • Refreshment Beverages: With classics like Kool-Aid and Capri Sun, Kraft Heinz keeps hydration fun and flavorful with a variety of drink options for both kids and adults.
  • Coffee: Through well-known brands like Maxwell House, Kraft Heinz caters to the morning routine of millions, providing the much-needed kickstart to the day with its rich coffee offerings.
  • Other Grocery Products: The category includes a wide array of pantry staples like Jell-O, Velveeta, and Ore-Ida, ensuring delicious sides and snacks are always on hand.

The company's approach to its assortment of products emphasizes not only variety but also the quality and heritage of its brands, which encompass international names like ABC, Master, and Quero. Each product is developed with consumer preferences in mind, aiming to meet the culinary needs and tastes across different cultures and demographics. Furthermore, Kraft Heinz extends its reach through e-commerce platforms and retailers, adapting to the evolving shopping habits of its global customer base.

Contact Information

Address: One PPG Place, Pittsburgh, PA, United States, 15222
Phone: 412 456 5700